Friday, August 8, 2008

Las Vegas Baby!!!!

So we got back from Vegas a week ago, I have just not posted anything. Suprise, suprise!! Well I have actually been reading the Twilight series books, I have become an addict. I actually plan to hurry this blog so I can finish what I have started. To anyone that has not read these books, they are so good. Well I have not finished them all yet, but I am in the middle of the third one.

Anyway, about Vegas. It was so nice to spend some time alone with my husband! He spoiled me while we were there:) It was soo much fun. We went to the Phantom, Mysteire, and KA. He wants to take me back to go and see "O" too soon. We also went on the New york, New york, and up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. There was never a dull moment. I will admit it got a little tiring walking up and down the strip, but it was fun. Lance our next vacation we are going to go to some secluded beach:) Toward the end we missed our kids like crazy and skipped our lunch planned for the Cheesecake Factory and headed home. We are so lucky to have them and so lucky to have Lance's parents that took the time off to watch the little angels. Happy anniversary Lance, 3 years!!!!!


Jen and Emma said...

DANG girl!! You look hot! How do you get so freakin skinny? I need to know the secret!

Kallee and Duncan said...

YOU ARE SO FREAKIN CUTE! Hey we are doing a party thingy at my house...I shall keep you posted! It's like next week sometime!

Devyn said...

wow kathy look at that hot body! your little family is so so cute!! cool i found your blog! check mine out too!!

Amy N. said...


I am so glad you guys went and had a good time!