Sunday, December 14, 2008

A few weeks to relax

This past week I finished up school for this semester. It kind of makes me sad, because I enjoyed most of my classes. Math is finally done with, it just is busy work which is hard to get done with my kids! I did well and I hope my efforts pay off when I apply to the Nursing Program for fall 2009. I know a couple of blogs ago I mentioned that I was not going to continue with school, but plans have changed yet again in our lives. It is hard for Lance and I to both go to school, and since I am closer to being done we decided that I will finish up first. Now I just need to get into this ridiculously competitive nursing program. We pray it will work out!
Lance and I are buying a Townhouse!!!!!! It is a really good deal, and it kind of scares us because it is our first house. I hear it's like signing your life away. They are brand new, so we get to pick all the of the colors and everything. They won't be done until the end of March, but we are excited! We were pre-approved, but we are not positive we will get a loan yet. We will see though. It's hard with one income, I don't get paid as a domestic engineer.
The kiddos are doing well. I have not done any Christmas shopping yet though. I have to wait for when Lance isn't working. Since he works all of the time, we will see how this gift buying will work out. Jaxon and Kyleigh are really cute with all of this Christmas stuff. I don't think they understand that Santa is coming though. I ask Jaxon what he wants for Christmas and he doesn't have a clue what I am talking about. Kyleigh started nursery last week, so now Jaxon gets to bring his sister. They are so stinking cute together, I love it! I am so blessed to have such sweet little spirits in my home. Well I better quit babbling.
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Amy N. said...

YAY for nursery! YAY for the house! YAY for good grades and a break for a couple of weeks. I am so EXCITED for you to have a house and I can't wait to come have a sleep over!

Your kids ARE so cute and I love and miss you!

Allyssa said...

That's awesome that you are finishing school. You are going to do great. You should also apply down here because I know it's a little less competitive than in UT. Least see if you get it, ya know? My school is Touro University... you should check it out! Plus you could be here by Mick and I!

Serina said...

Those kids are so cute. It has been so fun to keep track of you guys on the blog. I don't know how you do it with school and kids, it's impressive.

Trissy-T said...

Congrats on the house! We just moved into our new house and it is a fun experience.

Mrs. D said...

I know how you feel. I am starting school again, so both of us will be going at the same time. It's rough. You'll make it though! 2 years from now you will be so glad. Those Christmas pictures of you and your kids are adorable by the way!

Allyssa said...

we're coming out sunday and leaving to colorado on wed morning. we have to spend some time with his family... and he also wanted to meet up with some H.S. buddies but i'll definitely call you if we have time. if i don't see you, i hope you have a merry christmas!!!