Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A quick picture update

So I have been an awful blogger!!! I have been busy. I just wanted to quickly post some pictures from the beginning of my summer. These are pictures from Kyleigh's birthday party and my little sister Suzie's graduation from High School. Yay!! I will post more of an update later. Also stay tuned for pictures from the Virgin Islands.

Everyone always helps with presents
This is my nephew Kason, it is funny because......

this is his Sister Alyx. I do not know why I got
pictures with both of them upside-down, but I
thought it was funny!!

The birthday girl, I do not know why her smile
is a little off. Cute little 2 year old.

They love eachother!!! So cute

Mother, Suzie, and my dad

My sisters. Suzie, Rachel, me and Deanne. Suzie has
been rooming with us all summer!!


Allyssa said...

what a great sisters picture!!! good luck with the wedding this weekend. brian and i wish we could be there! :(

Shelley said...

Great pics Kathy. You all look wonderful. Your kids are so cute. We miss seeing family.

Lindsay said...

Congrats to Suzie!! It would be fun if we lived closer so we could let our kidos play!! I think that they would have fun. They are so cute!