Sunday, March 21, 2010

School needs to finish for a minute!

Ok I am so sick of school, I need a break. I drive up to Weber State EVERY day, which takes about 25- 30 minutes one way. I am there some nights until 5. It just is rough because I find myself trying to be a perfectionist at everything I do. From being a mom, to school, to exercise, to being a wife. Thank goodness I am not employed, I would go completely insane. If I did not care so much about trying to do everything the best I can, I think it would be easier. It also is rough because I only see my husband probably 8 hours a week, if that.
So I have decided to take the summer off!!!! This means I will be in school longer, but I feel like a break is needed. I might get a little bored this summer, but I am sure I will manage.


Funny story, Kyleigh is now potty trained and has been for about maybe 2 months now. Sometimes she has accidents and I probably should not get mad at her but I do because she knows better now. Both our bathrooms are upstairs so it is hard to run to the bathroom and make it, but I am suprised with how good they are. Yesterday Kyleigh comes downstairs from going to the bathroom and had new underwear on. I said, "Kyleigh why do you have new underwear on?"
Kyleigh says, "cause I wanted these ones." Ok I thought to myself, that's fine, whatever.
Later in the evening, guess what I found in my bathroom garbage can? I found soaken wet little GIRL underwear. They for sure were peed in! So I go ask Kyleigh, " Kyleigh, why did you throw your underwear away?" Kyleigh bursts into tears and says, " Jaxon peed in my underwear."
I said, " Jaxon does not wear little girl underwear, he has little boy underwear." This little arguement went on back and forth for a while. Then, I tried to calm her down and say, " Kyleigh did you have an accident, it's fine if you did, just tell me?" Oh my goodness, this little stubborn girl would not quit blamming jaxon and crying.
I finally got it out of her! I asked her, " Kyleigh did you try to go to the bathroom and forget to take off your underwear? So you peed in them?" Finally she just cried out, " yyyyeesss'." She was so sad. So what a sneaky little girl, throwing away the evidence and then blamming her brother for it. I feel bad because she just did not want to get into trouble. I just thought I would share that little story, because I thought it was funny! I need to start writing down all of the funny things my kids do, because time is flying by and I don't want to forget them.
Thanks for reading:)


Amy N. said...

haha what a funny little girl! I am jealous she is potty trained. As for taking the summer off who cares if it will take you longer to finish you will get to spend some needed time with your family and I hope we get to hang out this summer too! (Greg and I did that less than 8 hours a week thing-I feel your pain!)

Trissy-T said...

I decided not to go to school in the summer either. I need a break as well! Good luck with school. And your kids are so darling!

Johnstun Fam said...

that is so funny! what a sweet little girl, poor thing! have a fun summer, i wish josh was taking it off but nope that this time! :) at least you can get quality time with your family, which is always very important!

Andrew and Kathy said...

That is the funniest totally made me laugh! You need to write down all the cute stuff they do because they grow up so fast.