Thursday, January 31, 2013

What happened in 2012??

I don't even know if anyone reads this anymore, but I decided I would just update people on what is going on in our life.  So 2012 was sure a year of challenges!  Lance lost his job of 4 years at Goodwood BBQ Company, which we were completely suprised by.  They had asked him repeatedly to manage for them, but he made more money just bartending/serving so he always turned them down.  If you want more details about the ridiculous reason he was fired, call me;) So anyway, I was in the computer lab during my second semester of Nursing school when got a phone call from Lance telling me the bad news.  We were both kind of, well, freaking out because I could not really get a job until the end of the semester and Lance was making pretty good money there and supporting a family of 5.  Well he ended up getting a job at Texas Roadhouse and I got my LPN license and got a job as well at South Davis Community Hospital.  Since I had not worked in like 4 years, it was hard to get used to at first.  I am so grateful for my job now because I think it has made me a better nurse, especially since I have been working during my second year of Nursing school. When fall semester started, Lance got a second job at Buffalo Wild Wings.  So, we works two jobs currently.. morning and night. Which he totally hates!! After 12 years in the restaurant business, I think he should be done.  What really is hard about both of our jobs is neither of us get paid time off or holiday pay, so if we do not work, we do not make money.  That kind of sucks sometimes!
I am proud to say I made it through that 3rd semester of Nursing school!  It was honestly HELL, with everything going on, but I did it. Some days I would just cry into my pillow because I was so stressed.  Having a kid in 1st grade and kindergarten is a joy in terms of transportation, my mother-in-law and friends helped out a lot though and I was very thankful.  Kade also is quite the handful as well.  Some days I would be sitting there studying and he would come sit on my lap and tear my pages in my book or something.  So I honestly rarely did homework when the kids were awake.  After the dinner, kids homework, stories, bedtime, if I did not pass out while trying to study I was lucky.  I was suprised I got a 3.95.. that darn A-!
I am not trying to make this a complaining post, but it was honestly one of the hardest times of my life.  Moving out at 16, getting pregnant so young, and then married has made life just happen so fast.  It is so hard to try and balance everything and not have bad moments.  I think the past year has made Lance and I stronger as a couple and as parents.  Now we are expecting baby #4!  Ya, we might be crazy but I graduate in April and am taking some time off from school, so it won't be too crazy. It was just a rough winter break because I had this long To Do List, but I ended up throwing up and laying in bed most of the break:( Hopefully the nausea will pass now, 1st trimester down!! We did get to finish our basement this past year, which was one of the best things ever, so that is exciting!  
So, nothing super exciting going on at our house this past year. My kids are just awesome and growing up too fast!  They are all so fun right now.  I just wanted to update those people that still read this.  After I graduate in April I plan to quite being a hermit and come out from my shell!

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Sean and Alison said...

Oh my goodness, that is quite the year! Congrats on baby #4! I don't know how you guys do it, but you do it awesome!