Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Family Picture

So for Mother's day little miss Amy took pictures of the whole family, we were lucky enough to get some pictures of our little fam too. I am sorry Amy, I hope you don't mind that I just scanned the picture. I needed a new update for my blog and I thought that would be a good picture.

...Anyways... So we have been a little busy lately and our life is not going to calm down anytime soon. My cousin Jeremy just got married Friday. June is the month of weddings though. My friend Kallee is getting married the 12th. My cousin Nathan gets married June 13th and then my friend Grayson gets married the 14th. I am going to be a bridesmaid in that wedding! It's in Boise and I am excited for it. Tonight I start my new job at Mimi's cafe. I hope that it goes well. I am nervous to serve again, I hope I make good money. Lance had a pretty good semester. I am glad he finally has figured out what he wants to do. He is taking the summer off because they didn't offer any of his classes, so I get to see him a lot more. Kyleigh is going to be turning one June 14th. It's crazy how time flies. These little kids grow up so fast it's crazy. Well I hope to keep up with my blog better. I will try to post how my new job is going.


Kim said...

Your new picture is really cute!! I'm excited to hear that you are going back to work...and that Lance finally gets to have a little time for you and your kids!!
I miss you guys terribly and we need to get together for a play-date!

Amy N said...

AHH what a cute family picture :) I hope all works out great for you, and if you want to stop for lunch on your way to or from the wedding (or if you need a place to crash) we are here!
I will hopefully get the rest of the pictures up for you guys this week and then I can make some prints for you!