Monday, October 20, 2008

Kids Tag

This Tag has been so fun. Thanks Tristen. It has been fun to hear all of the cute facts about my fellow blogging mother's children. I hope that sentence made sense. Ok hear goes;

RULES: Tell five things about your kids that people might not know, and you have to do all of your kids!


1. Jaxon came into this world super mellow. I couldn't wake him to get him to eat for the first 3 days of life. I had so many lactation specialists coming in trying to shove bottle nipples in his face to wake him up and get him aroused somehow. We stripped him down to his diaper, NOTHING! He seriously was so lazy!

2. Jaxon slept through the night at 5 weeks old! He would usually go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 8am. It was so nice to have a baby that was so easy going because I needed it.

3. We got him a toddler bed when he was probably almost 15 months! Worst idea ever! Of course Kyleigh came 2 months later, so it would have happened sooner or later. Nap time and bed time became a chore. He would not stay in that bed. He started to get better, but here is some advice for you mothers out there, keep the crib as long as possible. I got so sick of taking up a full hour at nap time and 2 hours at bed time to try to get him to go to sleep. He now has a twin bed and sleeps in it much better. I hope I don't sound mean. I have been a stay at home mom, so by the end of the day, my children need to go to sleep!!:):)

4. Jaxon is a PICKY eater! It boggles my mind what he will and will not eat. He eats oatmeal, but will not eat potatoes? He eats dark chocolate, but not milk chocolate. He analyzes everything I give him, (probably because he knows I try to hide "healthier" foods with the food he likes). The other day I added baby sweet potatoes to his macaroni and cheese, I thought it was smart. He was making the strangest faces, like he knew something was different. Mom was up to her old tricks trying to get some kind of veggie in him. IT WORKED! I know I am gross, but ya do what you got to do sometimes.

5. Jaxon loves his sister! He doesn't really take naps anymore, but Kyleigh does. We listen to the monitor and when he hears her, he gets so excited. He runs to get her with me. When I get her out of her crib he hugs her and kisses her. It is pretty much the sweetest thing ever. Sometimes she doesn't return the enthusiasm though.


1. I love Kyleigh, but she is so much drama. Jaxon was an easy baby, and she has been more of a challenge. She has been getting some more teeth lately and has been very emotional. I kind of scolded her the other day and she did the pouty lip thing and then burst into tears. I was like seriously? She also always say No. It is her favorite word.

2. Kyleigh did not sleep though the night until she was 1. I breastfed her for a year and I think that played a role. Now she sleeps from 8pm to usually 9am, if we don't get her up earlier. Plus she takes a nap in the afternoon. I think Jaxon and her have switched sleeping patterns.

3. Kyleigh is the opposite of Jaxon, she eats everything. The only thing that has made her gag is applesauce. Weird huh? She will eat baby veggie after baby veggie, but don't get applesauce near her. You'd think she would be a big chubby gal, but she is a runt. She must work it off.

4. She has to eat by herself. If I start to help her, she will say "no, no, no." It makes for a very messy meal. I usually strip her down to feed her. I must say she is getting better.

5. Kyleigh's got rhythm. As soon as she hears music, she will stat to bounce up and down. If she is sitting on my lap she will start to shimmy. I love it! She is going to be taking dance classes as soon as we can get her in them.

Well those are my kids. Hopefully this was an entertaining read! I just posted these pictures from our treehouse adventure. Amy your pictures were so much better then mine.

I Tag my dear sister in law Amy and my cousin Jennifer:)


Nate or Sarah said...

I loved reading about your kids! It was fun to get to know them better! Maybe Kyleigh will be a dancer when she grows up! I can't believe how big they are.

Amy N. said...

AH thanks for the post I can picture your kids with all of your discriptions. You sure do have CUTE kids! Give them a big hug and kiss for me!

Thanks for the tag-now I don't have to come up with the idea today :)

Devyn said...

That is so fun! Your kids are so cute! I got tagged for this too by Megan and I just finally started working on it yesterday.. working on it.. its not done yet. I am doing it though ha ha.

Trissy-T said...

Your kids are so super cute! This one was fun thanks for doing it.

Devyn said...

ooo i would love to borrow the zebra costume!! when can we meet? are you going to be this way today or tomorrow anytime?? arent you in ogden??

Cory and Megan said...

Oh this was so fun! I love reading about old friends kiddos. They are both so cute.