Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Lance and I were vampires at the Halloween party
This is my niece Alyx, I just thought this was cute After trick or treating

She LOVES her daddy

She tried to keep up with Jaxon all night.

My sorry excuse for a costume, I wasn't feeling good

This look is mischievous!

Pumpkin carving is more for the parents!

Oh my goodness, I love having little kids. They were so much fun this year! First we went to our ward party and they had little stations for the kids to go to. Lance and I have decided that the Kyleigh is good luck. She wins at everything! She doesn't really try very hard, she is just lucky! Lance and I should take her to Vegas. Well after the ward party we went trick or treating around the neighborhood. They both pretty much ran/walked the whole time. The first house we went to Jaxon walked right in. Then at other houses he was showing them what he got from the house before. He was so polite, I was so proud of him. They had so much fun. Jaxon was a Vampire and Kyleigh was a Devil. The devil really was coming out of her that night, but it was cute. Saturday we went to a Halloween party at my sister-in-law's mom's house. It was fun. Life is just crazy busy right now and we are just taking one day at a time. Enjoy the pictures!


Amy N. said...

I love the vampires! Have you been reading those vampire books?

Your kids look so stinking cute, I wish they would have come trick or treating to my house!

Amy N. said...

PS) resize your cute picture header so we can see you better. If you want some help let me know.

Kathy Nielson said...

Yes I probably need some help. I have no clue how to do it.

Devyn said...

sounds like a fun halloween! i love all of your costumes!!

Allyssa said...

how cute! your kids and you guys... great halloween costumes!

i said i was going to make my blog private, but i never ended up doing it. so i'm not sure how to do it:(

did you guys have fun in vegas a couple weeks ago?