Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh I need a break!

So I have been studying a lot today and I keep drifting off to sleep, I didn't sleep well last night darn it! That's the bad thing about online classes, a lot of reading. So I just realized that a month ago today was the last time Jaxon wore diapers, yay Jaxon!!! Can I tell you how frustrating the whole potty training thing was? I just don't think he was really ready! I had been trying since before Halloween, well trying off and on. I got very impatient with him! We got him a prize bucket and everything, but it did not work. So Santa brought him some underwear, and the day after Christmas I put them on him. He kept having accident after accident, and I was asking him about every 20 minutes if he had to go potty. 5 minutes after asking him and trying to get him to go, I would find a little puddle somewhere. I did not want to go back to diapers so this is what I did;
I TOOK ALL HIS CHRISTMAS TOYS AWAY!!! I had him help me get all of his toys and put them in my away and I told him that when he went in the potty he would get a toy back. If he had an accident I would take another away. So the next couple of days were entertaining because he made sure I took his toys away when he had an accident. He said, " mommy you take this toy too?" He wanted me to get all of the accessories to the bigger toys. Well I felt mean, but it worked for him. I am so happy to not have 2 in diapers anymore! He still wears a pull-up at nap time and bedtime, but hopefully we will figure that out next. Well I hope that was not a boring read, maybe it will help some of you, who knows. I must thank Amy for putting the idea in my head:)
One more thing, after our taxes are done we will know for sure if we can get our house. We picked the colors and and everything, so I would hate to be disappointed. We will see, cross your fingers!!!!!!


Amy N. said...

I am crossing all my fingers and toes that you guys get your house! Once you do I hope you realize we will be having a sleep over soon after (I will let you get settled first though).

YAY for Jaxon! I am glad that method worked for you too. I felt like a big meany too, but hey you do what works right?!

Nate or Sarah said...

Good luck on getting a house! And the potty training...ugh, that's a night mare! I'm one down, one to go...Hahaha in like 2 years!

Trissy-T said...

I hear potty training isn't fun... What ever works is good i think! Keep us updated on the house!