Friday, January 30, 2009

The Ridiculous effects drugs have on me

So I am not one who often takes any type of drug when I am not feeling well. I usually just try to tough it out, there is only one time of the month that I usually want a little something. Sorry for the men that read this, but ladies I know you feel my pain. When I was a teenager I would always take Midol, it worked wonders. I usually take the caffinated kind and that is the problem, maybe I should buy un-caffinated. Ever since my first cycle after Kyleigh I have been so sensitive to it, so I usually take Ibprofen. Well every once in a while I think life has changed and I take my Midol. So yesterday at around 4:30 I took some. Lance came home like at 10:30 and was wondering what was wrong with me because I was not drifting off to sleep. I seriously could not go to sleep. Lance stayed up with me, but in turn we woke up Jaxon and then he woke up Kyleigh. It was family time last night til about 1:30. Then I decided I should be a good example and get my family to bed. I was still not tired!! I sat in bed for a while and then finally fell asleep probably around like 2:30-3. I know this isn't that late to some people, but I am one who gets up in the morning no matter what. I just can not sleep in. I slept in til 7 today though, and I still woke up wide awake. I have learned another lesson in not taking this stuff, funny thing is I only took half a dose. Well if anyone read this I am sorry if it was boring. I just have a lot of energy and this typing is working wonders for me.
Thanks for reading


Amy N. said...

You and I should have kept chatting...I was up until about then too. I have the hardest time shutting down my brain at night and I lay in bed for hours thinking. It drives me CRAZY!

Cory and Megan said...

I hate it when that happens! When you just lay in bed thinking about all sorts of randomness. I hope you get some better sleep soon.

And the potty training post, cracked me up! I hope that is all going better and your little guy is getting some toys, ha ha.

Jennifer said...

I've never taken midol but I'll keep your post in mind if I ever want to!

Josh & Ashlee said...

HI! I am so glad we can keep in touch now through blogging, I love it! And oh I feel your pain both about the monthly deal and about the pain medications! I am such a lightwieght. Just ask Josh.