Friday, February 27, 2009

Update on life

I really am not a slacker, I have been extremely busy. I thought I would take a minute during nap time to update everyone on what's going on with our life. So Lance has been working about 60-70 hours a week, and I work at least 1 day a week. So I do not see much of him. I also am going to school full time, and am a full time mother:) We stay pretty busy. Right now we are also in the process of getting our townhouse! Oh my goodness it is exciting, but stressful. We move in the end of March, hopefully everything works out.
So my children could not be better, I just do not know what I would do without them. Sure it is hard with school, but they are so much fun. Jaxon is a neat freak! Oh my goodness every time he misses the toilet he cleans up everything. I know he probably should not use the Clorox wipes, but he gets so mad at me if I do not let him clean everything up. I am there the whole time and we wash his hands after, I hope no one thinks I am an awful mother! Kyleigh is talking like crazy and wants to be potty trained so bad. She walks about saying, "I go potty." Oh they just make my life an adventure. Jaxon has been doing so good eating, I am so proud of him. It usually takes mom shoving food down his throat, but he is trying new things. He has been eating meat veggies, yay for him. Kyleigh is so good at eating. The only thing I have found that she does not like is applesauce, weird huh? Jaxon loves applesauce, and every time I give it to him she begs for it. I finally give her some, and then the dry heaving starts. She doe this at least once a week. She might change her mind one of these days.
One more thing, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my sister Suzie. She is 18 years old, my baby sister! I can not believe it. I do not know if my sister reads my blog, but I thought I would say it anyway. Well I don't want this to get too long, so I will leave it here. I will post more pictures one of these days.


Trissy-T said...

It sounds like you've been busy! Kids are so much fun!

Jennifer said...

You're super mom to do what you do!