Sunday, May 3, 2009

My baby sister's last Prom

So yesterday I got to go help my little sister get ready for prom. She has grown into the most beautiful amazing gal. I am so proud of her. She had a track meet all morning (and got her best time running in the rain), then got to go to prom. She will be going to Weber this fall and is coming to live with me this summer. I am so excited!!!! Jaxon was so cute, he kept saying that she was a princess going to the ball, and he wanted to dance with her. I was tying up the back of her dress and he said mom are you done yet, I want to dance with the princess!!! So cute! The pictures are not the greatest quality because I had to buy a disposable one. I left mine at home. Well Suzie if you ever read this, I hope you enjoyed your night. Love ya.


Allyssa said...

Ahhh! Suzie looks so beautiful! Good job being a great big sister and taking care of her on her special day.

Josh & Ashlee said...

Your sister is way cute! Oh I remember the days of getting ready for Prom! I feel so old!!!