Monday, May 4, 2009

My New House

The nice wide stairs, no falls yet. (knock on wood)

The family room and kitchen. Oh and Kyleigh's cute hat head.

We need our television updated

Kids bathroom

Laundry room

Kitchen, my kids love these stools, they used to be in grammy's house

Just another view

Office/ spare room

This picture is weird..... yes Kyleigh sleeps on a mattress on the floor. She loves it! These toys are rarely in the bin during the day.

Master overlooking master bath

We have cute double doors to the master bedroom, and I love the vaulted ceilings.

I had a hard time with the angles

Lance's sink

My sink

Shower and big wonderful tub.... LOVE IT

Huge master closet, we have a lot of work to do to fill it up:):)

It's a great house, once you get over all of the problems. This week our bathroom outlets do not work:) Oh what an adventure. I have not put up any decorations, but that might be this week's project before summer school starts. Well that is my house, hope to have a big party one of these days.


Josh & Ashlee said...

so cute! I still haven't decorated my house and we are going on a year! But today I am going to get some ideas and stuff from Taipan. :) Let's us know when your having a house warming party! we would love to come see it!

Jeff and Ashley said...

Such a cute house Kathy! I love it! Isn't fun to have your own house and have everything new! I haven't quite gotten reached the time in my life where I get to buy a house, but hopefully after dental school we can make something happen! :)
I want to come see your house in person though... let's go to lunch soon!

Kim said...

Yay!!! I want to come see it! Maybe we could catch your house and then grab a quick lunch one weekend?

Jennifer said...

Beautiful...can I take a nap on your couch, please?

Kallee and Duncan said...

Kathy is looks! Awesome I am going to need to come and see it!