Thursday, August 26, 2010


On the way to preschool

He likes to do the tumbs up thing a lot

I just love these two

So school started on Monday and I do not want to be there right now. I have had a nice summer not really worrying about projects, papers, or tests. Going back for me right now just breaks my heart a little bit. I just love my kids and I miss them when I am gone. Alas I will go back and I will finish because ultimately it is for all of our future. It just kind of sucks while in the process. It will also help so Lance doesn't have to work nearly 60 hours a week! Jaxon and Kyleigh started preschool so that has been exciting for them. Jaxon is also starting soccer and Kyleigh is in dance and tumbling. They are getting so big and it is so much fun watching them grow up, it's bittersweet!!


Jeff and Ashley said...

They are getting so big!! Crazy! They are both so darling! They look like little twins! :)

Aubrey said...

You're kids are so cute Kathy. I can't believe you have kids that old. I think my one year old is old. I'm sorry to hear about the pregnancy thing. good to see you're well.
Aubrey asper Blackham