Friday, November 19, 2010

What is up???

So I haven't posted for a little while. The kids and I were sick for about a month and a half, so that was not much fun. I also got pregnant again, and this time around it has been better. I am almost 18 weeks and it is a little boy. We are pretty much super excited about it and the kids seem to be excited as well. I still get a little nervous each time I go to the doctor, so hopefully that anxiety will leave soon. I can feel this little guy moving around, so that sets my mind at ease. Now it is kind of sinking in that we are actually going to have another baby, and we are getting nervous. We haven't done the baby thing for a while! It will be a new adventure in our lives.

So I quit the Clinical Lab Science program. I did my practicum in the summer and did not really enjoy working in the lab so much. The best part was drawing the patients blood and bringing it to the lab to test. I just really like the patient interaction. I have decided once again to apply to the Nursing program. This time I have everything done, plus another Associate Degree so I hope that it will help me. So we are keeping our fingers crossed that this fall I will start the program. We will see what happens though. I will just hang out with my kiddos until I get in. For the past couple of months I haven't gone to school, so it has worked out nice since I am pregnant and don't feel awesome. It has been a nice little break. I did have to take my Medical Laboratory Technician test though and my CNA test to get into the nursing program. So I have been busy with those tests. I passed both of them so that was good! Now we can focus completely on the Holidays coming up. It is weird not having something to study for or some assignment though.

Well that is pretty much what has been up if anyone wanted to know. I also posting our family pictures that my lovely sister in law Amy took for us.


Allyssa said...

I love your family pics. You always seem to be doing so well. Good work with pregnancy and getting in to nursing school! You will do great :)

Serina said...

So excited about your new addition! Also your awesome school accomplishments. Good luck with everything! Cute pics!

Jeff and Ashley said...

Way cute family pics!!! I am so excited that you are having another boy!!! SO fun! You are going to do great with 3! :)

Kim said...

Love your pictures