Saturday, January 1, 2011

Year in review

So 2010 was an interesting year. I just wanted to think about it and if anyone wants to read my thoughts here they are.
*Started off the year with my baby Jaxon turning 4!!
*Had a SUPER busy spring semester in the Clinical Laboratory Science program at Weber State. I really miss it, but I think it is more the learning experience I miss. I just do not want to work in a lab.
* My parents had to move out of their house. We tried to help my mom clean it out, but she has a lot of, well JUNK! Now my sister's and I don't really have anywhere to go, because the parents don't have a house. Well that's a whole different story, so we won't open that can of worms.
*In April I found out that I was pregnant, morning sickness for about 14 weeks straight
*June 1st their was no longer a pregnancy, see previous posts for more info on that business.
*June 14th my second baby turned 3, she keeps telling me she won't grow anymore, but it's not working
* Summer was spent with my kids, LOVED IT! Pools, parks, riding bikes.
* Then some sad news about my cousin Emily, she passed away. I have not been close with her since I moved when I was 11, but I remember she was one of my favorite cousins to play with when I was little. It was good to see family, but not fun under the circumstances. She left 2 children behind. This experience reminded me how important family is, not just my own kids and husband, but everyone! I love family and I am SO blessed that I have such a big one!
*August was our 5th wedding anniversary! We went to Vegas and had a blast. Saw some shows and just had some good alone time. We were good for about 2 days, but then we missed our kids. We haven't really known anything different, so it's weird to be alone. That might sound crazy, but it's the way it is.
*Fall semester came and I decided to go a different direction in my career, so now I am just waiting for that dang nursing program. It has been a nice break!!
*Found out we were pregnant again, then I was sick for about 2 months straight. Sinus infection, brochitis. Lame stuff!!!
*The Holidays were great, because Lance got most of them off. We got to spend time with family and my kids are at such a fun age!!!
*We found out we are having a boy
*Two of my sisters got in car accidents. They both no longer have drivable vehicles and my dad pretty much can't give them anything for one. I just wish I could give them a car, but I need to get myself a new one soon that fits a third seat!!!
* I am also super thankful that the little boy growing in my belly is safe and healthy. I have a friend that just had her baby at 30 weeks or so and lost her. Here I complain daily about how fat I am getting and how awful I feel, but it is just temporary. I am so thankful for Heavenly father's plan and that we can be with our families forever.
*So this year has made me so thankful for family! That is what life is all about. I am so lucky I married into the family I did, and married a man that takes such good care of me.

So I don't really have any resolutions for the new year, but I know it will be a great one!!!


Amy N. said...

what a year, and I always like to read your thoughts :) Love ya sis!

Allyssa said...

Kathy, you are a wonderful cousin. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 2010 will definitely be a year I will never forget, that's for sure. Glad I could see you this past week, you have a very cute home and extra cute children. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. And cheers to a Better YEAR!

Jeff and Ashley said...

Love your thoughts. It's been a crazy year for you guys! You are so strong! That's what I have always loved about you... no matter what you go through- you always have a GREAT attitude. I love being around you and I wish life wasn't so crazy and I wasn't so blasted far away from you! Can't wait to see this new little guy you are having! He is sure to be a cutie! Love ya girl! Hang in there- your baby will come soon enough- and by the way- you are darling pregnant and don't you ever think otherwise! Ya hear! :)

Jeff and Ashley said...

Update your blog woman!!! I wanna see your prego belly! :) Miss you tons!