Friday, February 25, 2011

Almost there

So I have no reason not to be blogging because I have plenty of time on my hands. Maybe it is the lack of excitment in my life. We keep pretty busy for the most part, but a lot of the time we just hang out. I am about 32 weeks along in the good old pregnancy now and feel ready to meet this little guy. I am kind of getting stir crazy to be honest, but I am gonna have to remember that he needs to get healthy and strong before he gets here. No matter how much I am ready for him!!! It's just easier said then done to be patient.
Wow it is almost March!! Well January 12th was Jaxon's birthday. We had a batman party for him, he had a lot of fun. He turned 5 years old!! At his well check he was 30% in height and 50% in weight, a little on the short side;) He is learning what he is supposed to and is doing just awesome! So I think around the 2nd week in January I went to the doctor and she said that the baby was measuring like 2 weeks behind and she was worried about him. I was so confused because I had already gained over 20 lbs and she explained to me that is wasn't going to the baby. She said the extra calories were probably going to me because apparently I was exercising too much, well that is what she thought anyway. I felt like an awful mother because I exercise a lot and she told me just to take easy for a couple weeks and see if it made a difference. So for the next 2 weeks I walked at the gym a couple of days a week and did my yoga video. My next appointment I gained 4 lbs, the baby was back up to where he should be and I felt better. Then another 2 weeks went by and about 4 more lbs!! I am pretty much destined to not be a cute little pregnant woman. It is perfectly ok because these precious angels are totally worth it! It just takes a little more effort to loose it. So baby is growing well and I feel better about life now! I was worried for a little while there. Now I am experiencing these wonderful things called braxton hicks contractions which I never remember having before. Some nights they actually worry me, but they always go away. So that is what I have been doing the past couple of months, just trying hard to grow a human inside of me.
Oh I also turned in my Nursing Applications to Weber and the DATC. I do not hear back until the end of March or the begining of April. I is actually making me super nervous because I have no idea what to prepare for in the Fall. I sure hope I get in!! So here are some pictures of the baby and Jaxon's bday party.

The doctor took a picture of the baby's body to show my kids I am not crazy when I tell them there is a baby in there.

Ok, who wouldn't be excited to meet this perfect little person?? He looks like Kyleigh to me!

I am in the process of getting pictures developed so I don't have a super recent picture, but this is only about 2 weeks ago. I will try to take another one soon.

Awesome batman masks, they also have capes on!

The fun batman cupcakes I made. Jaxon was SO excited about them!

He wanted to make a superman serious face! What a stud

Fun birthday cake! Again, making the serious face.
Well there is an update. If anyone wants to come over and play let me know. I would love some interaction with others because I rarely see my husband and my children would love others to entertain them besides there boring growing mother;)


Allyssa said...

If I lived close, I'd totally come hang out. Jack would love playing with your kiddos. You look great, baby looks great and I can't wait to see pics!

Jeff and Ashley said...

Yay!!! AN UPDATE!!! Good job Kathy! I loved it! Glad you are taking it easy and taking care of that little boy inside you. I have a cousin that has had super bad fertility problems and exercises like a crazy woman and she finally got prego and won't stop exercising... it is driving everyone nuts because we are so worried for her! Anyways... good that you are ok with not working out so hard and taking care of your baby. Love the batman birthday party. Jaxon is adorable! I wanna come see you when I come home in April!!! :)

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