Thursday, March 17, 2011

Best day in a long time!!!

So about 2 weeks ago the kids got pretty sick. Nothing too bad, Ky just had rough couple of nights. A downside to being pregnant is the fact that my immune system is completely down, so I get every sickness my kids get. So saturday morning Lance went to go and pick up a dresser and bookcase for Kyleigh from Ashley Furniture in Salt Lake. It ended up taking way longer then he expected, so on one of his few days off I didn't really get to see him. It kind of made me sad, plus I did not feel very good at all. It was just a bummer day. I went to drop off my netflix in the mailbox and picked up the mail. Guess what I found?? There was a letter from Weber State's Nursing Program, I was SO nervous. We opened it and they were pleased to inform me that I was accepted into the program!!! It seriously made me cry, I was so stinking excited. I really was not expecting to get in to Weber's program because of how competitive it is. I had no medical experience and I did not get re-applicant points! I was just so happy I just wanted to share my joy with whoever reads my awesome blog!!

So I am now about 35 weeks! I went to the doctor today and baby weighs 4lbs 12 oz. She got some really good pictures of him. His cheeks are getting chubby and he has chubby little arms. I am getting super excited to meet this little man. I feel so blessed to be able to have this baby growing inside of me, it is such awesome experience. So maybe the next post will be pictures of baby!!! We will see. I was induced with my other two children and this time around I just want to go into Labor on my own. I also don't really want an epidural. We will see what happens though, we are getting excited!


Jen and Emma said...

YAY!!! Congrats on nursing school!

Jeff and Ashley said...

KATHY!!!! I am so proud of you! All your hard work has paid off! CONGRATS!!! You are awesome! Can't wait to see pictures of this little guy! He is going to be such a cutie! Love ya lots!

Jennifer said...

Congrats again! I knew you would get in! I wish you the labor and delivery you hope to have! I drank red raspberry leaf tea to try and start contractions. Supposedly it helps to tone your uterus which cause contractions. Also if you don't want an epidural when you go to the hospital you or your husband should ask for a nurse who is "in the mood" to assist in helping you to have a more 'natural' is mostly mental and endurance so if you have a good support team, husband and nurse you could probably do it!! Just thought I'd share, let me know if you want more advice.